About us

Nadir Watches has its roots in the story of an overlanding enthusiast who took on the challenge of creating an adventure watch. It all began with a simple idea to wear a timepiece that could seamlessly combine durability, a classic automatic mechanism, and a dual-time feature.

Nadir watches are born out of a personal need. They're the down-to-earth EDC tools wanted by a modern adventurer, that combine old-school build quality with a modern approach to designing a timepiece... and now, they're here to accompany you on your journeys, just like they do for me.

Bart Maniecki (founder)
Nadir Vespera Black in forest


Our mission at Nadir Watches is to empower overlanders, motorcycle riders, off-roaders, motorsport enthusiasts, hikers, and bikers with reliable and enduring timekeeping companions. We strive to capture the essence of old-school adventure by creating watches that stand the test of time and become an integral part of every daring expedition.


  1. Durability: We are committed to engineering watches that can withstand the rigors of any adventure, ensuring they remain steadfast companions on every journey.
  2. Tradition: Drawing inspiration from the timeless allure of horology, we infuse our watches with a sense of tradition, reflecting the craftsmanship and attention to detail that define Nadir Watches.
  3. Functionality: Our watches are meticulously designed to serve as indispensable tools, fueled not just by precision engineering but also by the rhythmic movement of your wrist, ensuring they keep pace with your journeys.
  4. Adventure: Nadir Watches is dedicated to celebrating the spirit of adventure. We understand that our timepieces are not just accessories but are integral to the stories of exploration and discovery.


 Our vision at Nadir Watches is straightforward and down-to-earth. We aim to be the trusted companion of every adventurer, crafting timepieces that don't just keep time but bear witness to the real grit of exploration. We envision our watches as more than accessories—they're rugged partners that wear the scratches, reflect the troubles, and tell the authentic stories of every journey, becoming a tangible record of the adventures taken and obstacles overcome.

Join us in embracing the authentic spirit of exploration, where a Nadir Watch isn't just a piece on your wrist; it's a living testament to the challenges faced, the paths conquered, and the adventures that shape us.