Nadir Vespera Grey

First few weeks of operation behind us...

Starting a new business is always a leap of faith. You put in countless hours of hard work, make tough decisions, and hope that your efforts will pay off. The first two weeks of business can be especially nerve-wracking, as you wait to see if your product will resonate with customers. For us, those first two weeks were a rollercoaster of emotions, but ultimately, they exceeded our expectations.

What did we expect?

When we launched our new product, the Nadir Vespera collection, we had high hopes. We believed that the Black version would be the most popular choice among customers. After all, black is a classic color that goes with everything. 

Were we right?

Yes, we were right about the Black version of the Nadir Vespera being a bestseller. But what surprised us was the second most popular color choice.

What was the surprise?

Contrary to our expectations, the Blue version of the Nadir Vespera was not the second bestseller. We were really convinced that the polished bezel paired with a classic blue dial will win the audience. Instead, it was the Grey version that captured Your hearts. It just goes to show that you can never predict with certainty what customers will love.

Despite the surprise, we are incredibly grateful to all our customers who have supported us in these first two weeks. Your trust in the Nadir brand and your purchases have exceeded our expectations. We are humbled and motivated to continue working hard to bring you the best products and experiences.

A lot of work ahead

While the first two weeks have been a success, we know that there is still a lot of work ahead of us. Building a business is a continuous process of improvement and innovation. We are committed to listening to You, taking the feedback in to heart. We already are working on new straps based on Your suggestions to give more options to accessorize .

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