New Straps Now Available with Nadir Vespera

New Straps Now Available with Nadir Vespera

Hey there, fellow watch enthusiasts!

We have some exciting news to share! We've just added brand new strap options for your Nadir Vespera, perfect for giving your watch a fresh look this summer.

New Strap Options!

  • Italian Leather
    Hand-made with exquisite craftsmanship by one person only, still remains as a default proposition
  • FKM Rubber
    Soft, colored rubber with ventilation - perfect for any adventure. Easy to maintain, wears very comfortably and gives more modern look for an automatic timepiece
  • Seat-belt 2-Piece
    NATO styled and comfortable for everyday wear. Thick: 2 mm seat-belt material is a durable option that will provide the comfort and looks of every Vespera, while still having a more “classic vibe”

We understand that while our hand-made leather straps are a classic choice, some of you prefer a different vibe for the summer. Or simply - don’t fancy wearing leather on the wrist. That's why we've introduced these new, color-matched straps for each version of the Vespera. Take a look at the photos below and choose the perfect strap to match your style.

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